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Best sex ever - Would you be interested in this new ebook?

Sex After Forty: The Best You Ever Had!

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Product Description

The title says everything - that, as well as your reaction of clicking to find out the point of what most people think should be a joke. The best sex you had? After forty? Even residing in the Viagra age, it’s quite a claim.

It’s a claim that Calvin A. Colarusso, M.D, master clinician, backs up in the latest book, while explaining the biology and psychology of the middle years. Believe the myth that sexual function always decreases once you hit the big four-zero? Not true! This text takes you through the joys of intimacy you couldn’t start to understand in your teens, the benefits of sex within a long-term committed relationship, and healthy adaptations as the body change and the years pass.

Sex After Forty: The Best You Ever Had delves in to the true character of middle years sexuality, and can provide you with the information you need to experience exactly what the title promises.

It includes the following topics:

• Developmental considerations as they relate to sexual and emotional intimacy

• The health benefits of a happy, sexual marriage

• Coping with distractions

• Accepting changes while spicing it up!

• The fallacy of expected impotence

Dr. Colarusso is a board-certified Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the University of California at North park, where he served for 2 decades as Director of the Child Psychiatry Residency Training course.

He is also a Training and Supervising Analyst in child and adult psychoanalysis in the San Diego Psychoanalytic Institute and an internationally known lecturer to students, professionals, and the general public on many aspects of normal and pathologic development.

His six books have been published in English, Korean, and Spanish. See


 "I understand what you’re thinking. Sex after forth, the very best you ever had-either this guy is on something or he doesn’t know much about sex. Humor me, will you. Read on. You can always stick to your needs initial opinion, but the information in this book might convince you.

 Many misinformed skeptics think that the quest for sexual intimacy after 40 is definitely an exercise in futility. One guy in the mid-forties lamented, “My body has changed a lot since I was twenty. And it’s failing every day. What do I have to look forward to?” Obviously I believe the answer to that question could be “plenty. The best sex you ever had-if the biology and psychology from the middle years are understood. And I thought this before Viagra.

 My meaning of intimacy isn’t grandiose either. I define intimacy because the ability to care for the partner at least as much as the self, some of the time. No impossible or unrealistic expectation there. Does that sound like you? How do you like having equal billing together with your partner? Of course sex definitely occurs without intimacy, and intimacy can occur without sex. In this book my focus in on developing a chance to fuse the two frequently, for the reason that face of what can happen to be daunting midlife obstacles."

Best sex ever